They say, I rebelled the real universe
Failing to see, what bridges the multiverse
I seek to speak, locked between the worlds
Positive or Negative are mere words

They labelled me odd, Unproven
Only to join them & recognize as even
A line was drawn to finish first
A distance so less, to quench my thirst

Try not find me in the Yin & Yang
Desires are infinite, with a hooded fang
Believe me when I say, I’d hate to multiply
With clipped wings and no dreams to fly

To your wishes, I will bow & comply
Divide my thoughts & I’ll choose to destroy
Overpower me, you could with my own kin
To find nothing of me, but a new him

Everything about me is true to the last digit
Until a full stop takes away all that’s rigid
Not a saint, nor an acclaimed hero
I am simply, the Number Zero.



Founder @ Jetbrain Robotics

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