How to download Embedded Google Slide Presentations (published to the web)

var n = document.querySelectorAll('iframe[src*=docs\\.google]')[0],
k = document.createElement("a");
k.innerText = "Open Google Slides";
Editing a bookmark
var atag = "punch-viewer-content",
btag = "-caption",
ctag = "aria-setsize",
dtag = "aria-posinset",
msvg = document.getElementsByTagName("svg"),
node = document.querySelectorAll('[class$="' + btag + '"]')[0],
view = document.getElementsByClassName(atag)[0],
size = node.getAttribute(ctag),
data = "",
func = () => {
data += msvg[0].outerHTML;
if((i = node.getAttribute(dtag))==size) document.write(data);
else, setTimeout(func,10)
Link to the Google Slides




Founder @ Jetbrain Robotics

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Ajay Vishnu

Ajay Vishnu

Founder @ Jetbrain Robotics

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