I’m from India. I’m an engineer. We are a billion+ people, producing a million+ engineers every year with a few hundred thousand jobs waiting for them. So if you have a comfortable job as an engineer, you are a rarity already. …

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Quickly to the point, I searched & failed to find a nifty way to save an embedded Google Slide Presentation last night. The only way that reportedly seems to work, didn’t work either.

So if you are in a hurry, all this involves is creating a couple…

While people across the nation run helter–skelter due to cash crunch, here’s an incident I’d like to share.

The metro & parking charges here are nominal, so much so that the preferred method for most of the daily commuters from Gurgaon to Delhi is to park at the station and…

I have been using the cab booking applications for a while now & the referral scheme definitely seems to have grown on me. So much so that, even my mother who hardly uses her phone has them installed. …

They say, I rebelled the real universe
Failing to see, what bridges the multiverse
I seek to speak, locked between the worlds
Positive or Negative are mere words

They labelled me odd, Unproven
Only to join them & recognize as even
A line was drawn to finish first
A distance so less, to…

Image from http://www.bliqx.net/samana-dominican-republic/

let me tell you an unfinished story
of someone who finds glory
in little things that might seem awry
to many who are used to the slurry

a boy was to be sent to the faraway mountains
to collect a rare stone from the fountains
a job they said that…

It is perhaps one of the most interesting phases for Humans — where in, as decision makers among all life forms, we get to delay or fast forward our own evolution.

For many, It’s an age of confusion, unsurety. On one day, we get to hear a plethora of pledges…

Ajay Vishnu

Founder @ Jetbrain Robotics

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